Our Mission.

Zaza Rising is a documentary with the goal of raising the funds necessary to put a group of 8 women who run a bakery in rural Rwanda, through an intensive business education program. 

Our Story.

In 2014, Christine Nyirahabimana started a social enterprise in Zaza Rwanda, hiring 10 HIV positive single mothers as her employees. The business was an immediate success and after six months all employees were able to double their monthly incomes. 

Starting a business is no easy task. During a drought, Christine had to temporarily cease operations due to rising commodity prices. Even more devastating was that the business lost 3 of its employees to AIDS and since most of the employees have been shunned by their families because of their HIV positive status, the bakery ended up paying for the funeral costs. These would be difficult setbacks for any start-up, but Christine is determined to make her social enterprise sustainable. When asked what she needed to succeed she answered without hesitation: education for my employees.

The bakery needs your support. It needs education in business, financial management, marketing and strategy. Help us support them on their journey to establishing a sustainable and profitable social enterprise. 

Our Solution.

100% of the funds raised for the women of Zaza Rising will go towards paying for an intensive 6 to 12 month tailored business education program that will also teach life skills and advanced baking and nutrition skills. The vocational training includes infrastructural improvements for the oven and bakery building. The training will be run by  The Women's Bakery, an education-centric social enterprise dedicated to developing women-owned bakery businesses in Rwanda. DONATE TODAY to support the women of Zaza Rising gain access to education and change the myth and belief about work in their community!


My women will change the myth and belief about work

Christine Nyirahabimana |  Founder and Manager of Duterimbere Bakery