not just one bakery


80 percent of global citizens live on less than $1.90 a day, and 75 percent of those living on less than $3.10 per day live in rural areas. The women of Zaza Rising live on $6 per month when the bakery is not in operation. 

Donating will have a ripple effect...

it will improve standards of living

provide school fees for children

allow for emergency savings

enhance health outcomes

fight the stigmatization of women with HIV

and break generational cycles of poverty.

Check out Zaza Rising Producer Elizabeth Dettke speak on Next Gen Personal Finance Podcast about the impact Christine is having on her community. 


Columbia Business School visited Zaza. 

Columbia Business School's pro bono consulting group Pangea is developing a long term business plan together with Christine. Students Stacey Warren, Anastasia Pronin and Victoria Din visited. 


What can a donation buy?

$1,000 reached - water installation, oven renovations, office supplies, scale, thermometer, bread towels, drying rack, 3 tables for bakery shop

$2,000 reached - dough mixer, uniforms, transportation of building materials

$5,000 reached - two women can receive intensive business education

$6,000 reached - electricity installation, updated baking equipment (i.e. pans, trays, measuring cups, oven mitts, pots, etc.)

$8,000 reached - three women can receive intensive business education, 12 chairs, sink installation

$15,000 reached- all 8 women can receive business education, trainer accommodation expenses, student binders with training lessons, tiles for bakery shop flooring, dishes (customer plates, cups and utensils)


Every contribution starts here



is 45 years old and has 4 children. She is the quiet type and usually gets all the pans greased and ready for the bread. 



is 55 years old and has 1 child. She is hard of hearing but strong so she tends to take on the laborious tasks such as fetching water and firewood for the bakery's oven. 



is 30 years old and has 2 children. She might have trouble walking but she is skilled at ensuring the bread has a "good image."



is 45 years old and has 3 children.  With previous baking experience, she is a great asset to the team and trained many of the women how to bake alongside Christine. She is one of the best bread kneaders. 



is 41 years old and has 1 child. Anathalie was voted president of the bakery and organizes the baking schedule. When Christine is gone she takes over management responsibilities for her. The bakery has allowed Anathalie to purchase a pig for breeding.    



is 57 years old and has 2 of her own children and another 3 adopted children who became orphans during the genocide. She usually takes over measuring the ingredients for the bread and keeping the bakery premise clean. 



is 51 years old and has 2 adopted children, who were orphaned during the genocide. Desperate for work, Goretti commutes one hour to the bakery, where she usually manages the baking supplies and ensures that at the end of every session the pans are washed and stored properly. She has been able to buy a pig with her savings. 

and will impact generations.